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  Privacy Statement KNCB / Cricket Netherlands  

In order to make our services available to members and/or visitors, it is necessary for the KNCB to  process your personal data in a number of cases. 

The KNCB respects the privacy of its members and/or visitors and ensures that all your personal data  is treated confidentially. In this privacy statement, exactly explained which data is processed, what is  done with this data and what rights you have. 

Which data is processed by the KNCB? 

We process data if you: 

  1. Become a member of an association affiliated with the KNCB. It’s about the following data: initials,  name (first and last name), address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, gender, date of birth,  passport photo and other data provided by you to your association are provided (with the exception  of payment details). During registration as a member because of the association in the All United  Database, the administration system knows you a KNCB bond number when you become a member  of an association. This information are automatically read into the KNCB database, with the  exception of your payment details and/or citizen service number. The KNCB will use this latter  information never process. 
  2. Are an official appointed by the KNCB (umpire, scorer or match official). It’s alright please enter  the following information: initials, name (first and last name), address, telephone number(s), e-mail  address, gender, and other data provided by you provided (possibly supplemented with your  payment details if there is a compensation for your activity(s) as an official). Payment details are only  processed for the purpose of paying compensation. 
  3. Are or have been active within the KNCB as a board member or volunteer. It is then about the following data: initials, name (first and last name), address, email address and telephone number, job  title and term/period in which the job was performed; 
  4. You have been distinguished in one way or another by the KNCB (honorary member, member of merit, crown tie, sports awards). This concerns the following information: your name (first and last  name), address, the name of the award and date of award; 
  5. You are included in the statistics of the KNCB, such as in the Kleefstra Almanak or in public  statistics that are drawn up as a result of competitions which are played under the auspices of the 



KNCB. It’s about the following data: your name (first name, last name, initials) and achievements  (matches, runs, wickets, catches, stumpings and other statistics customary for cricket); 

  1. Participates in competitions and competitions organized by the KNCB. Your first name, initials and  last name and achievement will be listed on scorecards in the usual manner for the game of cricket. 
  2. Participates in competitions and competitions organized by the KNCB and these matches are  broadcast over the Internet (live streaming), your name will be (first name, initials and last name)  come into view via the score card. In addition, you will be able to personally come into the picture.  Prior to such you will be notified of this. 
  3. Mention is made in the annual report of the KNCB because of special merits for the KNCB. This  concerns the following data: first and last name in combination with the earnings; 
  4. You register for course(s)/training(s). What data is processed is depending on the type of course or  training and in addition to name and e-mail address, include address details, telephone number or  payment details; 
  5. You register for and/or visit KNCB events. What data is processed depends on the type of event  and, in addition to name and email address, this can also be your address details or a telephone  number. Payments are not made by the KNCB executed.  
  6. You sign up for newsletters and/or mailings from the KNCB. It goes then to use the data that you  have provided yourself to receive the newsletter or mailing, including in any case your name and e mail address; 
  7. Visit our websites. On the one hand, this concerns generic visit data, not being personal data and  on the other hand to know personal data the IP address (see also our Privacy Statement on the KNCB  website); 
  8. Contact us (via a contact form). It’s about the data about which you are contacting us and which  you have provided yourself before recording of contact. This may be your e-mail address and/or  telephone number in combination with your first and last name, association number or volunteer  position. 

Which legal grounds? 

According to the law, the KNCB may only process personal data if one of the legal bases from Article  6 of the GDPR apply. The KNCB uses the following legal grounds for processing personal data:



  1. In the context of the conclusion and/or implementation of the membership agreement; 
  2. To comply with the law (including accounting, tax obligations and obligations under court orders or  other mandatory laws and regulations); 
  3. The legitimate interest, whereby the KNCB ensures that the impact on your privacy is not is  possible to a limited extent; 
  4. By granted permission for the processing of your personal data. 

Purpose of the processing 

We process personal data for various purposes, namely for: 

  1. To be able to optimally serve the cricket associations and individual members of the KNCB and  improving services; 
  2. Organizing competitions, events and tournaments; 
  3. Entering into and maintaining a relationship with all members of the KNCB; 4. For monitoring the development of top athletes; 
  4. Organizing course(s)/training(s); 
  5. Organizing meetings; 
  6. Providing requested information; 
  7. To carry out disciplinary law; 
  8. Sending cricket news and service-oriented information to our members inform, interest and  involve; 
  9. Offering products, services, events of the KNCB, the partners of the KNCB or other parties with  which the KNCB cooperates; 
  10. Analytical and research purposes; 
  11. Match Reports and Filing Purposes, including expressly keeping statistical information insofar as it  is related to the game of cricket (including Kleefstra Almanac); 
  12. Compliance with legal obligations; 
  13. Carrying out other usual activities for a sports association.



Insofar as legislation and regulations impose further requirements on the processing, such as asking  in advance of consent, offering the right of objection or being able to unsubscribe afterwards the  KNCB will naturally follow those requirements. 

Provision to third parties 

The data collected by us is necessary for the purposes described above can reach. If the provision of  

the data to third parties is necessary for the carry out the aforementioned purposes, we provide your  data to these third parties available under conditions/guarantees drawn up by the KNCB (processor  agreements) and in line with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines. 

This concerns, for example, the provision of data to third parties that offer associations and members  an ICT solution, such as for membership administration (AllUnited), or for the organization of  competitions, events and tournaments (e-Cricket, NV-Play or InterActSport/All United), or third  parties appointed by the KNCB engaged to improve the service (for example, market research by companies or temporary interns hired by us). 

A limited set of data (postal code, date of birth, gender, sports federation/branch, date entrance  membership and association name (or association code) is passed on to NOC*NSF. This data is only  used for statistical purposes. The sports associations and NOC*NSF need these statistics for business  operations and policy making. The data will never be used to specifically approach you. 

If you nevertheless object to this transfer, you can object make a substantiated objection to the  association, the union and/or NOC*NSF. Insofar as there is no explicit consent or legal obligation, this  exchange of data takes place solely on the basis of the implementation of the membership  agreement between you and the KNCB or when the KNCB has a has a legitimate interest. 

Retention period 

The personal data will only be processed for the purposes stated above. The KNCB does not store  your personal data longer than is necessary for the processing of the purposes described above,  unless this data is necessary for fulfillment to a legal obligation. 


We handle the processing of your data with the utmost care. The KNCB meets continuous  appropriate measures to protect your data against loss, unauthorized use or modification thereof.  These measures are in line with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines.



Your rights 

You have the right to access your personal data (Article 15 of the GDPR) and the right to request  correction or deletion of your personal data (Articles 16 and 17 of the GDPR). In addition, you can  object to the use of your data in the event of direct marketing. If the processing of your data is based  on consent, you can revoke it at any time. If you no longer appreciate receiving information (not  being service messages) and offers, you can apply from that relevant expression sign out. You can  submit your written requests and/or questions regarding privacy Send related matters to the KNCB  via You will receive as soon as possible answer. 

If you think you can’t figure it out with the KNCB, you can contact us contact the Federal Office.. You  are also entitled to submit a complaint about the use of your data at the Dutch Data Protection  Authority. 

Information about the privacy policy of the KNCB 

For all other questions you may have about the privacy policy of the KNCB, you can contact us by  sending an e-mail to . 

Changes to this privacy statement 

This privacy statement is subject to change without notice at changes in the management of the  KNCB. It is therefore advisable to regularly to consult the privacy statement. 

KNCB, January 2021