1. These terms and conditions apply to spectators at the Match and at the Venue indicated on the ticket. The holder of such ticket shall, by purchase or use of the ticket, be (deemed to have been made) aware of and to have accepted these terms and conditions.

It is explicitly noted that the tickets for the applicable matches in 2022 are sold and purchased without any right of refund in case any of the matches can not be played or finished because of weather conditions or any other cause. The organizer has examined the option of insurance cover to ensure sufficient funds for a refund in such cases. The costs thereof are so high that ticket prices would become excessive. That has led to the option of reduced ticket prices, with the consequence of a no refund policy.

3. Definitions:

a. Match: the cricket match of the Dutch national team as home team against opposition indicated on the ticket;

b. Cricket Netherlands: the organizer of the Matches.
Cricket Netherlands is a trade name of the legal person Cricket Nederland BV Kelvinbaan 48,3439 MT Nieuwegein, The Netherlands;

c. Venue:the location of the Match covering playing field, stands, and all surroundings;

d. Authorized person: police, steward, security officer or anyone else as such appointed by Cricket Netherlands;

e. Restricted Area: any area at the Venue that has not been explicitly marked as public area for all spectators;

f. Prohibited Item:
i. any kind of weapon or product that could be used as weapon;
ii. any drugs or any other behavior-modifying substance;
iii. any alcohol or alcohol containing beverages.

4. Cricket Netherlands reserves the right at its reasonable discretion to make alterations to the time, date and/or Venue of any Match and/or to substitute a seat or area indicated on the ticket with another similar position.

5. All tickets are offered and sold subject to applicable Dutch laws and (local authorities) regulations and in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Any person entering the Venue is subject to these rules. Cricket Netherlands reserves the right to confiscate or invalidate any ticket held by a person infringing these rules.
Venue Entry & Requirements

6. Cricket Netherlands may refuse admission to or remove from the Venue anyone who, in its reasonable opinion:
a. does not produce a valid ticket upon request;
b. has infringed any of the applicable rules;
c. fails to comply with instructions from any Authorized Person,
d. enters any Restricted Area within the Venue
e. is in a possession of a Prohibited Item.

7. Any person purchasing or using a ticket and/or entering the Venue agrees:

a. to refrain from any conduct (whether by language, gesture or otherwise) likely to offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, threaten, disparage, or vilify any other person (including players, match officials or spectators) on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, color, descent, national or ethnic origin

b. not to sell, license or otherwise publish, disseminate or reproduce for any commercial purpose, including (without limitation) for any commercial reproduction and distribution, whether in whole or in part, any recordings taken or made at the Venue (including, without limitation, photographs, video or sound recordings, sketches, paintings) without the prior written consent of Cricket Netherlands; The making of any such image for any of the commercial purposes referred to above, is also prohibited without the prior written consent by Cricket Netherlands;

c. not to use a ticket for commercial purposes or hospitality by any person or company. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the holder of such a ticket shall not, as part of a hospitality package or for any other reason, purvey, advertise, or otherwise offer for sale, or use as a competition prize, the seat or seats allocated to that person without the written permission of Cricket Netherlands.

d. not to re-sell any ticket for a Match at a premium;

e. not to broadcast or narrowcast by any means whatsoever (including, without limitation, by way of mobile telephone or any other device) any images, sounds, data, results or commentary of or concerning any of the matches or other activities at the Venue without the prior written consent of Cricket Netherlands;

f. not to do any of the following:

i. public nudity or indecency;

ii. excessive noise or any interference with the Match or any other match;

iii. throwing any object that might cause damage or discomfort to people or property;

iv. obstruct any gangway, access-way, exit, entrance or staircase;

v. standing on seats, climbing roofs, walls, fences, stands, lighting masts, trees or any other structures or constructions at the Venue;

vi. obstruct the view of other spectators;
vii. wear or otherwise display commercial, political, religious or offensive signage or logos or engage in ambush marketing in any way;

viii. sell any goods or services at the Venue or in its immediate surroundings;

ix. handing out political, religious, advertising or promotional material;

x. bring any flags, banners, klaxons, rattles, fireworks or other articles into the Venue that may annoy other spectators; These may be confiscated when entering the Venue.

xi. enter a Restricted Area at any time unless explicitly authorized. Without prejudice to any other sanction, anyone entering the playing area without permission with forfeit a penalty of Euro 1.000;

xii. bring a dog (or any other animal) into the Venue without prior written approval by Cricket Netherlands authority;

xiii. bring any food or non-alcoholic drinks into the Venue other than a small amount for personal consumption;

xiv. use any radio sets, except in conjunction with an earpiece;

xv. smoking at other than designated smoking areas.

8. A ticket holder leaving the Venue before 16.00 hours may be re-admitted on the same day without payment upon production of a ticket valid for re-admission or a return pass together with the retained portion of the valid admission ticket.

9. Any ticket holder is individually responsible for own properties brought to and into the Venue. There will be no storage facilities at the Venue. Cricket Netherlands accepts no responsibility or liability for theft or loss of or damage to such property.

Betting Prohibition

10. Any person at the Venue shall not:

a. conduct, carry out or cause to be conducted or carried out any form of betting or gambling whatsoever;

b. use any electronic or other device to engage in any online betting activities in relation to the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of the Match or any other match, including but not limited to ball-by-ball spread betting and/or the use of betting

c. use any electronic device to relay information on the progress, conduct or any other aspect of any Match for betting activities, unlicensed commercial activities or any other purposes in contravention of these conditions, unless authorized or permitted to do so by Cricket Netherlands; or

d. offer to any third party any bribe or other reward to fix or to contrive in any way or
otherwise improperly influence the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of the

Match or any other match.

11. If suspected by an Authorized Person of acting or assisting another person or persons acting in breach of paragraph 10 of these conditions, a ticket holder shall fully cooperate with any enquiries made by Cricket Netherlands, any Authorized Person and/or any relevant police and crime prevention authorities (including by providing person al details including name and address, an explanation for the conduct, and being photographed and/or filmed by an Authorized Person), for the purposes of any (criminal) investigations or other legal proceedings and/or in connection with any investigation into a potential breach of these conditions or the ICC Anti-Corruption Code.

Other Ticket Policies

12. As noted above under 2 there will be no (right to any) refund if the Match is annulled or restricted because of adverse weather conditions or any other reason.

13. If a Match is rescheduled to a different date at the same Venue, the original ticket will not be valid for the rescheduled date, but the ticket holder will be entitled to swap the original ticket for a ticket to the rescheduled Match.

14. Cricket Netherlands nor anyone else will be liable for any associated costs, expenses or loss due to a Match being rescheduled, postponed or cancelled (including, without limitation, any indirect and/or consequential loss, such as for travel or any accommodation costs).

15. No refund will be payable if a ticket holder is refused entry to or removed from the Venue because of a breach of the rules.

16. Cricket Netherlands will not accept tickets back for exchange or resale. However, if as a result of exceptional circumstances an applicant or ticket holder must return one or more tickets, Cricket Netherlands may attempt to resell such tickets. In that case a charge of € 5 per ticket will be deducted from the proceeds of such sale. Tickets returned in this manner will not be offered for sale by Cricket Netherlands until all remaining public stand tickets for the relevant match, available for allocation, have been issued. Under no circumstances will Cricket Netherlands guarantee the resale of any returned tickets.

17. The organisers shall bear no responsibility for charges imposed on a ticket holder by any third party.